Welcome to the Social Worker’s Association of Zambia (SWAZ)

We are a professional body of social workers that aspires to promote best practices for social work training and practice in Zambia. We uphold ethical standards and promote the interests of all social work professionals.

Our vision is to be awidely recognized and appreciated professional social work association contributing to improved livelihoods of the Zambian society.

Our Mission isto improve and promote the quality of life of all people of Zambia through regulation of training and practice of social work and related fields of practice.

Our activities in brief

  1. Professional Development through workshops, trainings & monitoring of learning institutions.
  2. Professional Standards through regulation of social work training and practice, adherence to ethics, values and principles
  3. Professional Action through policy advocacy, research, publications, organizing & participating in social work related local, regional and international seminars, conferences and events
  4. Membership Service