As a fully a professional association of social workers in Zambia, SWAZ is governed by an elected Executive Committee who are all full members of the association. The Committee members are elected at every elective General Meeting and their work in overseeing the governance and strategic policy direction of the Association. The work of the executive committee is supported by the following sub committees:

  • Finance and Resource mobilisation
  • Information, Publicity and Membership drive
  • Networking and Partnerships
  • Disciplinary/ Judiciary
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Community development and Social welfare
  • Research &Policy Advocacy
  • Standards & ethics subcommittee

Each subcommittee shall at any point in time invite any of the SWAZ members to serve on the committee. Some subcommittees of the SWAZ shall be in existence for a specific period whilst some shall be permanent. The creation of additional sub-committees including Social Work Practice Certification & licensing Sub-committee; and Social Work Training Accreditation Sub-committee are planned for the future.

SWAZ’s Constitution

SWAZ is run according to a set of rules, or constitution that sets out what our objectives are and how the organisation works. This constitution is available for download here

The Social Workers’ Association of Zambia constitution is being reviewed to facilitate side by side for the enactment of the Social Work Act of Parliament. This will result in the transformation of the current the SWAZ Executive Committee into a Social Work Council.

Details of the Annual General Meeting are available from the AGM page.


Disciplinary Procedures

Members of SWAZ agree to abide by our Code of Ethics for Social Work and can be held to account under our Disciplinary Procedures, which can be downloaded here.